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This site initially began as a website for me. A way to tell my story. As I began writing it, I realized it would be more impactful if I could help other girls, like myself, with their journey, providing resources, sharing information, just making it easy and fun. Our journey is thought of as being challenging and unpredictable because we didn’t know where to turn to answer our many questions. I have put this site together with you in mind; to help you along your journey. With this new gender revolution, we all have an opportunity to change and let the world see us for who we really are, one step at a time. That is how we effect change. One step. One moment. One kindness, at a time. So, I hope in sharing my knowledge with you, your journey is a little easier. Please contact me if you have information you would like to share or just want to say hi. I’m always here for you. There is a Tibetan phrase: “men la lhakapar tsewa”. It speaks about compassion and caring for others. We all have the same potential, with the same opportunities to care.

Those who care, I admire you. - Lauren


"Before most people had ever even heard of the transgender community, there was Lauren in the pages of Vogue, already reshaping what it means to be a beautiful woman. Lauren Foster continues to be a remarkable trailblazer on the path to equality and I am left both humbled and honored to call her my friend."